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The Center for Earthquake Mitigation systematically strengthens capabilities to prevent earthquake disasters to prepare Seoul for earthquakes. To achieve this goal, the center acts as a control tower to perform research and develop policies on earthquake preparedness and response, reinforce the earthquake preparedness and response of public sectors and citizens, and strengthen the cooperation system between government, industry, university, and research institutes.

Center for Earthquake Mitigation

  • Preparation and responsive technology to reduce damage from earthquakes and research to build related systems
  • Improvement of seismic performances of existing facilities and R&D related to earthquake damage prediction
  • Research on developing mid- to long-term earthquake response policies
  • Research and development of education materials on earthquake and disaster responses for citizens and government workers
  • R&D on nurturing regional disaster prevention experts and disaster preparation lecturers
  • Research and support for a government, industry, academic, research cooperative system for earthquake prevention
  • Research and support for policies that can facilitate earthquake prevention programs