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The Division of Safety and Disaster Prevention Research Seoul a stronger city that can protect its citizens from disasters. By protecting the lives and assets of the citizens from disasters, we will make sure that the citizens can be safe and happy. We will preemptively prepare for various urban issues including safety accidents, floods, fires, and worn-out facilities, and conduct high-tech and innovative technology research to prepare the future of Seoul as a safe city. With a goal to establish a smart safety city with the Fourth Industrial Revolution and new materials, we will lead research on reducing the anxiety of our citizens about disasters, advancements of technology policies to provide a safe environment, and technology development.

Division of Safety and Disaster Prevention Research

  • Research on analyzing and predicting complex urban disasters
  • Research on safety policies and technology to respond to urban environment changes including floods, climate changes, and worn-out facilities
  • Research on technology advancement and network extension to respond to disasters and improve stability
  • Discovering and developing technologies to fight fires and rescue lives
  • Research on policies and technologies to enhance the safety of areas vulnerable to accidents such as construction sites
  • Research on disaster and crisis management communication
  • Research on advanced technologies and policies to enhance the safety of various urban issues